Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To develop and empower Qatari entrepreneurs and innovators to contribute in the diversification of the Qatari economy through successful small and medium enterprises that are able to compete in global markets through:

  • Direct and indirect financing of mandated sectors in general, but with sector agnostic approach
  • Enhancing technical skills and capability development.
  • Promoting and supporting exports.
  • Providing opportunities for small and medium enterprises domestically and globally.
  • business support through the provision of initiatives and services associated with real estate development and housing loans to citizens.
  • Promoting SME ecosystem development.

Our Mission

To improve the economic development cycle by providing entrepreneurs and SMEs with a wide range of financial and advisory products under one roof.

Our Values

  • Professional and Proactive
  • Customer Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Quality and Accountability
  • Credibility and integrity

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to stimulate a vibrant, robust and diversified private sector in order to build knowledge-based integrated economy, not completely dependent on the hydrocarbon industry through the development and nurturing of Qatari entrepreneurs and SMEs and assisting them to overcome the obstacles they face based on the current economic situation, as the non-oil/gas private sector continues to grow, in terms of size and its share of the Qatari economy. Qatar Development Bank has been and still is working to drive these trends forward. Shifting its focus from a purely industrial financing mandate to being a fully-fledged development bank resulted in the State of Qatar increasing the Bank’s capital from QR 200 million to QR12 billion. We are now in a unique position that allows us to play a key role in the preparations for the 2022 World Cup football tournament.

But QDB’s successes are not just about building up the private sector. We have also become a powerful catalyst for socio-economic development. We have helped to empower the Qatari workforce, increase living standards, and provide a bundle of exciting investment opportunities for Qatari businesses.

Our Strategic Objectives

In line with our Mission and Vision, our Strategic Objectives are to:

Provide financing solutions and value-added services through:

  • Direct Loans
  • Al Dhameen indirect loan program
  • Large-scale investment in strategic sectors
  • Providing export credit guarantees and financial services and solutions to finance export operations.
  • Equity Financing
  • Advisory Programme (to assist potential Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to list their businesses in the Qatar Exchange)

Enable access to new markets through:
  • Export promotion and development
  • The development, promotion, and local business opportunities.

Deliver development-related services on behalf of the Government through:
  • Qatar Development Fund
  • Housing loans
  • Engineering Projects

Advisory services through:
  • SME Toolkit
  • Business Planning App
  • Jadwa
  • Tadqeeq
  • EYADA (SME Clinic)
  • National Competitions
  • Capacity Development and Strengthening of Technical Skills
  • Promoting environmental development of SMEs through the development of studies and research to assist them in overcoming the obstacles they face

Qatar Development Bank realizes the challenges faced by the private sector and SMEs in Qatar. We know that the business world does not sit still – neither do we, which is why our products reflect the ever-changing landscape. Meeting the objectives of our bank, our country, and our customers means our search for best practices, new markets and specialized knowledge is never over.