Prefabricated House Installation Grant

A grant of up to 1 million QR given to those eligible with reference to the issued letter from Department of Housing in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Administrative Fees: There are no administrative fees associated with this grant.
Monthly Installment: No monthly installments are required.
Defrayment Period: Exempt from repayment.
Collection of Installments: Exempt from repayment.
Property Grant: none.
Additional Funding Entitlement: none.

Required Documents:
  • Loan Application Form.
  • Copy of original land deed of property and accompanying plans.
  • Electricity cut-off certificate.
  • Copy of architectural drawings (A01) certified by Construction Planning.
  • Owner account number.

In case of death:
  • Identification of Heirs.
  • Authorization by the persons whose names are listed in the Identification of Heirs of the applicant.
  • Death certificate.