Business Opportunity

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Balhambar Restaurant – Doha Corniche

Qatar Museums in partnership with Qatar Development Bank are seeking to identify and appoint a suitable food and beverage operators for the management of Balhambar as a Library Themed Café/Restaurant Outlet.


Tel +974 44300000


The F&B operators of the Balhambar Restaurant will need to meet the following expectations:

• Deliver high standards of service
• Provide an excellent quality and innovative food offering
• Provide/Submit a cultural concept in line with Qatar’s Heritage
• Demonstrate professional dealings with QM

Submission Guidelines

Bidding operators must provide comprehensive concept and business proposals, including the following elements:

• Description of business plan
• Food/ service concept presentation (Including Menu of food offering)
• Operator background and credentials.

Selection Criteria

Bidding operators will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Minimum experience of 2 years in F&B operations
• Demonstrable history of operational success
• Competitiveness of business model
• Strength of concept (including food/menu concept, creativity, etc.)
• Marketing plan and promotional strategies
• Create a Mechanism to promote local Qatari Homebased businesses products within the concept


  • Proposals & Concepts Submission via e-mail BLS@QDB.QA or by hand to the Business Services Department located on the ground floor of Qatar Development Bank Main Building – Grand Hamad Street
  • Deadline for Submission: 1 March 2017


Balhmabr Restaurant Current Design Layout (Click here)

Note: This layout is the current layout of Balhmabr, changes of the design will be done to incorporate the new proposed concept by Qatar Museums.