Business Localization Support - BLS

BLS is the primary provider of business support and advisory services to the private sector in Qatar. From Localizing the supply chain in the market to providing a professional consultancy services for SME’s.

BLS is committed in enchasing SME technical skills and capability development through provision of subsides and providing opportunities for SME domestically. 

BLS non-financial  services:

• In-Country Value program
ICV is a National Frame work to capture the share of products made and services offered by Qataris SMEs. The total spend retained in-country for development of local businesses, contribute to skill enhancement and stimulate productivity in the Qatari economy.

ICV initiatives will impact on Increasing the local supply sourcing mainly through tendering, long-term business agreements, and business enhancement programs. ICV aims to develop an adequate infrastructure to support local enterprise through government driven projects. In which will results in reducing the value leakage outside the country.

• SME Rating & Accreditation 
Enhancing access to finance for SMEs, strengthen business credentials for registration & Pre-qualification with large buyers. Also it will help Deploying a credible framework to assess and evaluate SMEs intending to execute contracts for government, semi-government and private entities. SME Rating & Accreditation will determine the eligibility for SME to participate in Tender bond exemption service.

• SME Directory
SMEs Directory “SMED” is a comprehensive Directory that consolidate Qatar’s SME supplier profiles to promote them to local buyers and facilitate their access to public and private procurements. The directory enables local buyers to find potential listings of products and services, each classified as per industry sector, that can replace their imported needs and effectively contribute to the localization of supply chain in Qatar.

• SME Membership Club
SME Club will be established soon. It is set up to serve as a central hub and connection point for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Qatar. Members will get access to a wide variety of tailor-made discounts designed to help grow their business.

• Business opportunity identification (BOI) / Matchmaking
BOI aims to identify business and investment opportunities from Government, Semi-Government and large private buyers and match make the BOI with the SMEs to conclude the business contracts.

• Moushtarayat
Moushtarayat is an Annual Government Procurement & Contracting Conference & Exhibition in Qatar which includes Sponsorship, Conference, Exhibition and B2B meeting.
The primary objective of Moushtarayat is to open a wide window for networking between large buyers and local SMEs.


For more information, please contact us:
Tel: +974 - 44300000

Supported By: BLS is part of the GSPX, which is a part of UNIDO SPX