SRA Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for SME rating and accreditation service :

To be eligible for the SME Rating and Accreditation, an enterprise must meet the following criteria;

1.       Type of company:
    • A commercial, for-profit enterprise, engaged in value-added economic activity in Qatar
    • Based in Qatar with a minimum 51% of Qatari shareholding
    • Qualifying as an SME as per the official Qatar SME definition
2.       Existence in Qatar:
    • In existence in Qatar for a minimum period of 2 years at the time of application
    • Holding a valid Commercial Registration number in Qatar
3.       Willingness to share information:
    • Willing to disclose financial statements for the past 2 years for the purpose of screening as well as performance evaluation. Un-audited financial statements will be considered for assessment; however enterprises with Audited Financial statements will be given a preference in the SME Rating and Accreditation.
    • Once shortlisted for evaluation, the enterprise will be required to participate in the interviews, and site visits. They will also be required to furnish additional documents to support and validate the discussions during/after the site visits.
4.       Eligibility to avail Subsidy
    • Up to 50% Subsidy is offered only for SME Rating Certification, The accreditation will not have any subsidy.
    • Support for the rating service will be limited to 1 per ID per year. Additional use of Rating and Accreditation services may be allowed without QDB support
5.       Who is eligible for Rating?
    • Any SME that fits the QDB Definition of an SME with 2 years in operation are eligible. Startups and businesses with a registered Commercial Registrations cannot apply.
6.       Who is eligible Accreditation?
    • Only SMEs rated with 1 or 2 will be eligible for Accreditation.
7.       Benefits of SRA Certification
    • SRA Certification offers three exemption services to SMEs. 1. Tender Bid Bond exemption, 2. Performance Bond exemption and 3. Advance Payment Guarantee exemption. As per new tender law SMEs can be exempted from producing the above three type of Bonds and Guarantee documents, to avail this benefit it is mandatory to all SMEs to pass through the Rating and Accreditation program.
8.       Terms & Conditions for Participation:
    • Holding companies are not eligible for participation, but the subsidiaries can participate provided they have proper Commercial registration in Qatar individually.
    • If the subsidiary participates it must follow the thresholds laid out in the Qatar SME definition.
    • Trading Agency, Real Estate, Contractors, builders, Construction, Government entities and not-for-profit entities are not eligible for participation
    • Enterprises who are a branch of a foreign company or a franchise of an international brand are not eligible for participation.
    • SMEs which have a direct / indirect investment from a QDB employee are not eligible for participation
    • SMEs should display a distinct value add benefit to the economy
    • SMEs with a favorable Credit Bureau Report would be given a due consideration for short-listing. SMEs with adverse Credit Bureau Report might not be considered for further evaluations.
    • By entering the SME rating process, the SME agrees to be contacted by the independent third party evaluator approved by QDB.
    • The Technical Panel reserves the right to relax / modify the qualification criteria.