·         Registration: SMEs register online by creating a username and password
·         Application: Eligible SMEs complete an Application Form and upload all the requested documents online
·         Phase I Decision: Applicant SMEs are shortlisted by the independent evaluators based on financial performance of the SME
·         Site Visit Meetings: Shortlisted Applicant SMEs are evaluated during a detailed site-visit by an independent evaluator. These evaluators will assign performance scores to the SMEs based on a defined set of financial and non-financial parameters.
1.    Financial Parameters include: Growth in Turnover, Growth in Profits etc.
2.    Non-Financial Parameters include: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Adoption, Employee Development & Retention, International Orientation, Corporate Excellence, Quality Orientation and Environmental Care & Protection
·         Final Evaluation: An Independent Technical Panel will validate the scores and ranking
·         Phase II Decision: Final list of top performing SMEs will be announced and a publication featuring the top performing SMEs will be published