SME Excellence List

Under the patronage of H.E Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of Qatar, the inaugural SME Excellence List recognizes and celebrates the top performing SMEs in Qatar. The SME Excellence List will honor SMEs who have excelled in their businesses, created sustainable business models, projected business growth and have made an impact on the economy.

The SME Excellence List will rank the top performing SMEs in Qatar on the basis of a defined eligibility and evaluation criteria.

This Excellence List will be a key contributor to the overall development of the SME eco-system in Qatar. At its core, the SME Excellence List is aimed at:

  • Providing a platform for SMEs to showcase their excellence.
  • Recognizing the top performing SMEs in Qatar.
  • Creating a motivational atmosphere within the business community in Qatar.
  • Creating a culture of adoption of best practices and business excellence (quality, audited financials, governance, management structure, etc.).