Trade Information

​Trade Map

"Trade Map" is an interactive online database for international trade statistics which gives indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors from both the product and country perspective.

"Trade Map" covers the annual trade flows (both mirror and direct) of over 220 countries and territories. 5,300 products have been defined at the 2, 4 or 6-digit level of the Harmonized System, with a variety of different commercial indices (indices, values, quantities, trends, market shares and unit values) and timeline since 2001 and displayed in graphic, map or tabular format. Monthly and quarterly trade statistics for over 90 countries are updated on a constant basis.

"Trade Map" can help you answer the following questions:
  • Where are the top markets for your product?
  • How potential markets compare in terms of size, growth and other criteria?
  • Who are your competitors in a potential market?
  • How can you diversify your products to take advantage of growing areas in the market?
  • What are the trends and seasonality of a given product?
  • What import duties would I face compared to my competitors?
  • How have my country’s exports performed?

Market Access Map

"Market Access Map" contains information about customs tariffs and other market access measures as applied by 192 importing countries to the products exported by more than 239 countries and territories. Users can compare the tariff treatment of products exported from Qatar with the market access conditions faced by their competitors in your target market.

With a single click, the tool provides relevant information on ad valorem equivalents for bound and applied tariffs, tariff quotas, anti-dumping duties and other trade remedies, certificates and rules of origin.

The strengths of the "Market Access Map" lie in its wide geographic coverage, taking into account almost all regional and bilateral trade agreements, and in its rapid updating. 2010 data are available for over 112 countries.

"Market access Map" can help you answer the following questions:
  • What customs tariffs do my products face around the world?
  • What rules of origin (ROO) do I need to comply with in order to qualify for a preferential tariff rate?
  • Which are the non-tariff measures (NTMs) that affect my trade?
  • For what products does my country have an advantage in terms of market access?
  • Is my country fully utilizing existing preferential tariff regimes?
  • Can my country import from alternative suppliers to minimize import tariffs?

TPO Directory

Directory of Trade Promotion Organizations and Other Trade Support Institutions developed by International Trade Centre, Geneva. Please click here for more details.

Importers Association

Please click here to get access to the World Directory of Importers’ Associations.

International Tenders

TASDEER the export arm of Qatar Development Bank has partnered with Info trade 2000, a company based in Paris, France to provide tender alerts / push emails to Qatari exporting companies.

In 2016 InfoTrade 2000 became "TendersPage", a brand new service with new functionalities.

As a next step, we have introduced web access of the tender information through QDB website.
  • Step 1: Please click on the following link under trade information section of QDB.
  • Step 2: Enter your user name: your email address.
  • Step 3: Enter your password.

Kindly utilize this important international tender information system & grow your exports
To access, please use this link:

Trade Secrets

In order to introduce Qatari companies to the exporting mechanisms and the available export opportunities in the target markets, TASDEER, in collaboration with International Trade Centre - Geneva, issued the TRADE SECRETS export guide manual in English and Arabic. The manual is designed to introduce Qatari exporters to the procedures and techniques involved in exporting their products, at a local level and in targeted foreign markets.

In addition, the manual provides information on products, issues, trends, standards and measurements, trade regulations, customs duties and issues relevant to globalization and its effects in international trade. TRADE SECRETS represents a comprehensive reference on exporting. It is user friendly, with features such as a question and answer section, and can be used by company officials regardless of their background or industry.

Free Hardcopies of TRADE SECRETS are available at QDB offices – TASDEER Dept. or you can view and save the soft copy here.

Free Trade Agreements

TASDEER issued the free trade agreement guide in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and commerce to increase the awareness among Qatari exporters about the importance of free trade and what are the main aspects and which are the countries covered by the Free Trade Agreement.
Free Hardcopies of TRADE SECRETS are available at QDB offices – TASDEER Dept. or you can view and save the soft copy here.