Capability Development
The Capability Development department is dedicated to building a business environment friendly to SMEs and entrepreneurs. Through creative partnerships with world renowned providers of entrepreneurial education, learning and development, the department nurtures current and aspiring business leaders, helping to unlock the private sector’s full potential for economic growth and competitiveness.
The training offered comes in the form of learning experiences, operational training, and skills development programs catered to SMEs and entrepreneurs. These programs not only reflect regional and international best practice, but are also part of QDB’s strategy to enable an SME sector capable of sustainable growth. The department is also engaged with activities and programs designed to generate interest in the work of QDB and to raise awareness of SMEs and entrepreneurship locally.
To find out more about our various programs, competitions and events please click on the following:
QDB Mentoring
QDB Training Needs Analysis
AL Fikra
Foundation Program
Industrial Training Program
Please also take a moment to complete the Capability Development registration and the Training Needs Analysis to help us understand your learning and development needs.