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green house


About the Service

This program aims at spreading the culture of agriculture among citizens and enhancing self-sufficiency by providing the necessary funding for building greenhouses in different areas suitable for Qatari homes.

Where the bank purchases the supplies, needs and accessories of greenhouses with the requirement of installation from suppliers.

Who benefits from Greenhouse?

  • Qatari Citizens

Amount of funding?

  • Financing 100% of the value of the project and a maximum of QR 70,000

Profit rate and payment method

  • Amounting to 1% per annum
  • No administrative fees
  • The repayment period of up to 4 years includes a grace period of six months

Method of disbursement of funding

  • Directly to suppliers or sellers when you make a purchase order to the bank
  • Payments to the Supplier shall be made after an inspection visit by the Banks
  • Labor Service staff or through the appointment of another party to ensure that the agreed work is completed

Type of Greenhouse

Greenhouse refrigerated for the Year
Greenhouse Seasonally from 10 to 4 months
28,000Qr 5X5m
49,000 Qr10X5m​
70,000 Qr19X5m​

Agricultural varieties to be cultivated

Hot pepperAubergineCucumberTomatoes
Cold pepperLettuceBeanCherry Tomatoes
Green Onion

Required Criteria for Financing

A company that is applying for a financing from the bank must have the following attributes:

  • The application must be submitted under a Qatari citizen ownership (Qatari ID card)
  • The project to be financed should be among the sectors supported and financed by the Bank
  • The company must have a technical and economic feasibility study of the project
  • The company must have its headquarter in the State of Qatar (for existing and emerging projects)
  • The company must comply with the Qatari law governing commercial companies
  • The company must obtain all licenses required for the project
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