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Jahiz 1​


An initiative leasing complete and ready-to-operate industrial facilities

Jahiz 1 is a QDB initiative that provides opportunities to lease ready-to-operate manufacturing facilities to SME owners with innovative and aspirational industrial projects, for a specific incubation period and at competitive prices.

Benefits of Applying to Jahiz:

  • Ability to setup & operate within a short time frame
  • Competitive leasing rates
  • Become part of a like-minded community of entrepreneurs
  • ​Access to support and guidance through the Bank’s products and services

Requirements for Applying to Jahiz:

  • Valid Qatari ID (Qatari Partner)
  • Feasibility Study
  • Pre-Approved Industrial License
  • ​Commercial Registration

Key Facts & Figures:

  • 31 Facilities
  • Factory Floor Space: 1,050 sqm - 1,500 sqm
  • Office Space: 430 sqm
  • ​Ceiling Height: 18m
  • ​Rent Includes services for various facilities
​ ​

Key criteria:

  • Management experience - Experience in management and capability to understand financials of the business
  • Production experience - Familiarity with industry; knows the inputs and outputs of the production process
  • Market knowledge - Understand the market main buyers of his products; and competitors and his unique advantage over them
  • Strategic plan - Future vision for the company; potential synergies and expansion plan
  • Support for Qatar – Business contraption to the Qatari’s supply chain and the product importance to the country.
  • Jahiz need and readiness: priority for business who needs Jahiz facility to survive in the market and are able to start their operations​

Assessment and selection process

Initial assessment process to determine whether the proposed projects meet the minimum requirements (automated and manual check)

Successful projects will then go through a comprehensive inspection process to decide if they meet the technical requirements.

QDB selects the shortlisted candidates who meet with a panel of decision-makers for final selection. Priority is given to projects that will yield innovative and environment-friendly products according to the national development priorities.

All applying projects have to be in line with the requirements of the Small and Medium Scale Industrial Area (SMSIA) of the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

To Apply

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