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Al Fikra National Business Competition 2020

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About Al Fikra


In 2013 Enterprise Qatar, MITEF, Silatech, and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, launched Al Fikra Qatar's Business Plan Competition, a joint initiative to educate entrepreneurs. Various partners and sponsors from the academic and business associations and community in Qatar were included as key stakeholders in the process. In 2013 the competition attracted 127 applicants from both professional and academic communities. And most recently in 2019, the competition attracted over 560 applicants who were filtered to 100 participants that submitted 45 business plans.

Alfikra competition’s 2020 version is more enhanced to serve the entrepreneurial ecosystem through entrepreneurship trainings to all participants as well as different financial and non-financial services granted to winner, both of which are provided and supported by Qatar Development Bank.

The Competition

Al Fikra National Business Competition is an educational competition designed for Qatari led Start-ups and entrepreneurs, enabling them to develop business ideas that can be turned into successful private value-adding businesses. That is accomplished through providing the participants with a series of training that equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to conceptualize and develop their business ideas, and by providing the winners of the competition with financial and non-financial grants that allow them to start their businesses.


The program will run over a 4-months period from August until November 2020. During this period, creative and innovative ideas will be recognized, developed and supported by Qatar Development Bank and its strategic partners throughout the different stages of their development.


Who is it for?

  • - Students, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs with business ideas in Qatar
  • - For teams of residents living in Qatar, a Qatari partner per team is required in order to set a business with a legal structure that could be operated and registered in the state of Qatar

Al Fikra 2020 Objectives

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Al Fikra Business Competition is designed to encourage the establishment of new companies and foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Qatar and it aims to:

  • 1. To develop high performing individuals to be successful entrepreneurs through providing high quality entrepreneurship training.
  • 2. To educate participants on how to develop business models for their ideas and turn them into operational business ventures.
  • 3. Provide more opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses through providing winners with pre-seed investment and advisory services to help launch the commercialization of their business ideas.
  • 4. To contribute to the development of the private sector in Qatar through the creation of innovative businesses.
  • 5. To introduce new products and services that can lead to the emergence of new businesses and diversification in the local market.


Timeline and Dates of the Competition

Registration OpenTue 11/08/2020Thu 17/09/2020
Filtering ApplicationsSun 20/09/2020Mon 21/09/2020
Training Sessions for Participants (Challenges and Startup Categories)Thu 24/09/2020Sat 26/09/2020
Select 6 winners for (Challenges and Startup Categories)Sun 27/09/2020
Window for Updating PresentationsSun 27/09/2020Sun 01/11/2020
Final Pitching ceremony
(At Rowad conference – Day 1)
Sun 15/11/2020
Awarding Ceremony during Rowad conference
(At Rowad conference – Day 2)
​Mon 16/11/2020
​ ​