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Objectives of the Rowad Awards 2023:

  • Recognize outstanding businesses for their sustainable business models, remarkable growth, and significant economic impact.
  • Showcase excellence and success stories to inspire budding entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Create a competitive, innovative atmosphere among entrepreneurs, both locally and on an international scale.
  • Stimulate a culture of growth, excellence and efficiency among all participants, including management and organizers


The ROWAD Awards 2023 showcase achievements in five distinct themes across five award categories: the 'Best Business Award’, ‘Best in Innovation & Technology', ‘Best in Sustainability', ‘Best Employer’, and 'Best Exporting Business'.
The highest level of recognition, this distinguished award celebrates a game-changer that has excelled across different areas of business, demonstrating exceptional achievements and overall excellence.
This award honors a participant with a pioneering spirit, that demonstrated remarkable innovation and technological advancements in their products, services, or business operations to pave a new path forward.
The award recognizes a business that has made embraced sustainability as a business practice, making efforts to prioritize environmental conservation and social responsibility for the well-being of the business and the larger society.
This award celebrates a business that has made exceptional efforts to encourage employee growth, provide opportunities, and promote a healthy work-life balance, leading to an uptick in employee satisfaction and retention.
The award acknowledges a business that has demonstrated notable success in expanding internationally, finding success in growing operations across borders, successfully penetrating global markets, and effectively promoting Qatar's products and services on a global scale.


Here's how you can apply to be considered for the prestigious Rowad Awards:

Step 1
Online Application
10th Jul - 10th Aug

Visit the QDB website and fill out the simple yet thorough online form. Provided accurate and complete information.

Step 2
Initial Screening
12th Jul - 10th Aug

Applications will be screened to verify if they are eligible. Applicants will be shortlisted for relevant award categories based on the information provided.

Step 3
Site Visits
10th Aug - 20th Sep

An evaluation team will visit shortlisted applicants to gather additional information and collect supporting evidence.

Step 4
Jury Interviews
6th Sep - 20th Sep

A panel of distinguished experts will hold Jury interviews for each shortlisted applicant.

Step 5
Award Ceremony

The winners for each category will be announced, recognizing their exceptional contributions and accomplishments


Here are the key eligibility criteria for the Rowad Awards 2023:

  • Number of Employees: The business should have a workforce, including contractual employees, that does not exceed 500.
  • Age of Entity: The business should have been in operation for at least two years.
  • Independence: Companies whose owners, members of the board, or executive management have direct or indirect relationships with any employees of QDB or members of the Jury, are not eligible.
  • Nationality:The main applicant should be a Qatari national and possess majority/significant ownership (at least 51%) in the business.
  • Award Winners:Each applicant is eligible to win in a single award category. QDB reserves the right to evaluate applicants under the most suitable categories based on the information provided in their application form.


By submitting an application for the ROWAD Awards, applicants acknowledge their acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  • Applicants must affirm their acceptance of the rules, conditions, and standards governing the Awards and the awarding process.
  • Applications will only be accepted online through the official online application form via the designated portal.
  • All mandatory documents, such as the Company Registration certificate, must be provided as required in the application form.
  • Incomplete or non-compliant applications will be disregarded without prior notice.
  • Government entities and not-for-profit entities are ineligible for participation.
  • Enterprises that are branches of foreign companies or franchises of international brands are ineligible for participation.
  • Companies engaged solely in trading activities are ineligible for participation.
  • Holding Companies: Holding companies are not eligible for participation.
  • Trading Companies: Trading companies are ineligible for participation.
  • Companies with a favorable Credit Bureau Report will receive due consideration for short-listing, while those with adverse Credit Bureau Reports may not be further evaluated.
  • QDB reserves the right to consider and evaluate applicants for appropriate categories.
  • Applicants must provide supporting evidence, such as business documents, examples, photos, videos, and relevant data, as requested during the application process. Any false information or data misrepresentation can result in disqualification.
  • Intellectual property rights must be respected, and non-compliance may lead to penalties.
  • Data confidentiality of each applicant will be respected, and information will only be shared with jury members.
  • QDB may withhold or withdraw the application if submitted documents violate the award rules.
  • Applicants must allow QDB employees or appointed consultants to visit their office or site for evaluation. The main applicant should be available for consultation with the jury if necessary.
  • QDB reserves the right to modify or cancel the program without prior notice.
  • QDB reserves the right to extend the application deadline.
  • The decision of the QDB Jury Committee is final and binding.
  • The Awards Committee holds the right to reject applications at its discretion and is not obligated to store or disclose information from rejected applications.
  • By entering the Awards, applicants authorize QDB to use the collected data for administering the Awards and providing information on related events.


All interested companies will be required to fill out a standard application form, which means that applicants don't have to choose application categories. Applicants will be considered for appropriate categories based on their applications.
An applicant can be considered for multiple award categories, but will be eligible to win under one category only. QDB reserves the right to decide the final award winners.
No, application to the Rowad Awards 2023 is free.
Yes, the application can only be completed online on the official QDB website.
After the applicant submits an online application, the evaluation team will review the complete application. If shortlisted, the applicant will proceed to site visits and a jury round. Additional documents may be requested to support and validate the discussions during the evaluation process.
Yes, all businesses are encouraged to apply, regardless of their financial performance. Applicants are evaluated on both financial and non-financial parameters.
Applicants who have qualified for site visits will receive a feedback report based on their overall evaluation.
The awards aim to recognize Qatari entrepreneurs and their businesses; therefore it is mandatory for the Qatari owner to be present during the Jury round. The Qatari owner should be available to present the business's credentials during the Jury round.
Yes, applicants can apply for the awards without providing audited financial statements. However, audited statements may be required in later stages of the evaluation. It is recommended that participants have audited financial statements ready for the last two years.
The decisions of the Jury are binding, and the applicant will not have the chance to appeal the results once they are made, each applicant will receive a feedback form clarifying their results
The applicant can only apply if the majority ownership is of a Qatari National(s). Holding companies and foreign companies with branches in Qatar are not allowed to apply for the program.
ROWAD Awards are prestigious and presented during Entrepreneurship Week in November. The winners are entitled to various financial and non-financial benefits. Details regarding the incentives can be found on the Rowad Awards home page.
No, only one company within the parent group or subsidiaries can participate in the Awards.
Applicants will only be eligible if they have a workforce of 500 employees or less at the time of application. Of the 500 employees, a maximum of 15% can be employed through a temporary contract directly with the firm, this excludes outsourced staff in which manpower is provided through an agreement with a third-party service provider, given that third party staff provides solely support services, and are not part of the core operation of the business.

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