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Brie​f About The Service

Ithmar is an equity financing program compliant with the Islamic Shari'a. The program is an integrated and comprehensive approach that provides entrepreneurs with the required funds to establish a business in Qatar.

Objectives of Ithmar

The program aims to build a new generation of Qatari entrepreneurs by providing support and equity capital to Qatari entrepreneurs to help them start their business. By doing so, QDB promotes economic diversification in Qatar enabling robust private sector business opportunities for Qataris.

Funding Limit

QDB will finance up to 90% of the project (10% financed by the entrepreneur) with a maximum investment limit of 900k qar per startup.

Convertible Musharaka Contract

Ithmar is a Shari'a-compliant equity product that is structured through a convertible Musharaka agreement, and which works as follows:

  • QDB and the client will merge their capital with the aim of making profit, whereby the funding will be done through a convertible Musharaka contract that can later be converted into shares.
  • The convertible Musharaka contract is automatically renewed on an annual basis.
  • After conversion into shares, QDB​’s existing SME equity program criteria will apply.

Who benefits from Ithmar?

  • Qatari individuals, or teams with active Qatari members, who are above 18 years old, with a focus on innovative sustainable and scalable businesses.
  • ​The program includes all sectors (except trade, real estate and contracting).

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