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Qatar Development Bank is a fully funded entity owned by the State of Qatar, headquartered in Doha. 
The bank offers variety of programs that support to develop the local privet sector and diversify Qatar economy, such as finance & non-finance programs for added value SMEs, training and mentorship programs for Qatari youth about entrepreneurship to establish a new business, along with various solutions to support local manufacturing and export. 
Qatar Development Bank is also in charge of housing loans for Qatari citizens subjected to the related parties’ approvals.
There are several ways to contact the bank: 
   A. Via phone: Dial the call center on 44300000. Sunday – Thursday, 7.30 am until 2.30 pm 

   B. Visit the bank: The main branch on Grand Hamad Street provides all services, Sunday – Thursday, from 7.30 am to 1pm
   C. Website: Visit the Bank website where you could find comprehensive information on all services and programmes. You could also submit any complaint, comment, suggestions, or inquiries. 

    D. Mobile App: If you are one of our customers who benefit from the advisory and financing services, you can download QDB Business App (on your mobile phone) to follow up on your requests, send your inquiries, and contact directly your Relationship Manager / Advisor.
Qatar Development Bank supports all industry sectors that add value to the economy, except for real estate, trading, contractor, and construction fields.
You can get your project easily financed by QDB: 

 a. Fill out the project finance online application form on the website.

 b. Attach the feasibility study for the project to be reviewed by one of our specialized advisors. 

 c. Attach all the required licenses for the project. Please note that the bank does not apply for any licenses on behalf of the applicant.

 d. If you have an established company, audited accounts over the last three years are required. 

 e. For more information, please contact us through the call center on 44300000 or visit one of our branches.
Every applicant for Project Financing must meet the following conditions: 

 A. The applicant must be a Qatari national (Qatari ID card)

 B. The project must be in one of the sectors supported and financed by the Bank 

 C. A technical and financial feasibility study 

 D. The headquarters of the company must be in the State of Qatar (for existing and emerging projects) 

 E. The establishment / company must comply with the Qatari law governing commercial companies 

 F. Submission of all project licenses. Please note, the bank does not apply for any licenses on behalf of the applicant.
Entrepreneurs of all nationalities can take advantage of the finance and advisory services provided they have a 51% active Qatari partner in the project.
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