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DE​velop an Idea​

​ ​

key steps t​o getting started



Identifying a business opportunity:

Where is there a gap in the market or opportunity to innovate? What are the current market conditions and how to take advantage of them to develop a new business.



Developing a product or service offering:

Define what will be your product or service. What is the differentiating factor from the existing competition in the market place? (price, quality, exclusivity?) Is it entirely a new concept? What is the value-add for your product/service to the market.



Determining technical and commercial viability:

Is there an actual market for this product/service that would make this company feasible?



Determining project cost and financing requirements:

what would be the initial capital investment? What would be the further costs associated to running the company and when would you be able to get a return of investment?

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Share with us your details and someone from our Business Services Team will contact you within a couple of days to guide you through our products and services

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