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There is no list of accredited companies available at Qatar Development Bank. The applicant can conduct their own feasibility study and the bank’s team will then evaluate it and provide feedback on it.
The Feasibility Study is reviewed and assessed by one of the Bank’s consultants in discussion with the applicant. Please note that the Bank does not conduct the Feasibility study on behalf of the applicant.
 - Advisory & Consultation(review and assessment of Feasibility Studies)
 - OQOOD (Legal Services) 
 - EYADA (SME Clinic)
 - TADQEEQ (Accounting Services)
 - Marketing & PR
 - Franchise program
 - SME Rating & Accreditation
 - ISO 9001
 - Entrepreneurship Leave Program (ELP) 

 Qatar Development Bank will subsidies up to 50% of the cost of any of the services listed above. 
a. Feasibility study is conducted by the entrepreneur to assess the market and understand its dynamics, collating the information required prior to the implementation of any new project. 

b. The Work Plan is the way forward to execute the idea and transform it into a reality. The plan covers all operational, technical, and logistical aspects. It is required for new companies and those looking to expand their operations.
All sectors supported and financed by the Bank
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