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Grow your business with the NUMU digital platform ​
Direct Financing made easy for manufacturing & industrial businesses​

Phase One: Direct Financing made easy for Manufacturing & Industrial Businesses​

From submitting & uploading your documents with ease and onboarding your projects & teams, to tracking your application, getting approvals, guidance, and support in all areas of your business, the NUMU portal offers you a hassle-free experience to realize your ambitions - in as little time as possible. The first phase of the NUMU roll-out caters to entrepreneurs within the manufacturing & industrial sector.​


The NUMU platform has been specifically developed to offer new and existing Direct Lending clients:​


Onboard your project

Start by telling us about your business idea, plans, and goals. NUMU will help you start your application process in a few simple steps without leaving your home or office.

Invite your team/task force

Add your managers, consultants, and team members to your account, and bring your own in-house expertise to the platform. NUMU's access-control features lets your team offer their support where you see fit.

Submit your documents in one click

A click of a button is all it takes to submit the required documents for the services you're seeking. NUMU will intelligently assist you with the documents' format so you can get it right the first time and start availing our services as fast as possible.

Get started to receive your personalized plan

Once your documents are submitted successfully, our dedicated team of professionals will review your application and provide you with a personalized offer, designed to help you set up your business easier and faster than you've ever experienced before.