Through a seven-year incubation program, Jahiz provides entrepreneurs and SMEs with innovative and aspirational industrial projects with the opportunity to lease ready-to-operate manufacturing facilities. The program’s integrated facilities, tools, and support services serve as the ideal platform to start and grow an industrial venture at subsidized prices


  • Become part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Fast-track your factory set-up and operation

  • Leverage a rich range of integrated QDB support services


  • Management Experience

    Experience in management and capability to understand financials of the business
  • Production Experience

    Familiarity with the industry and the inputs and outputs of the production process
  • Market Intelligence

    Knowledge of the market, unique proposition, customers, and competitors
  • Strategic plan

    Future vision for the company; potential synergies and expansion plan
  • Shared goal of progress

    Business adds value to the Qatari supply chain and an offering that contributes to the development of the economy
  • Jahiz need and readiness

    Priority given to businesses that need Jahiz facilities to survive in the market and re-start their operations
  • Projects presented must adhere to the requirements of the Small and Medium Scale Industrial Area (SMSIA) of the Ministry of Energy and Industry


Application process

All applying projects have to be in line with the requirements of the Small and Medium Scale Industrial Area (SMSIA) of the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


Jahiz aims to support the industrial sector in Qatar to create a sustainable economic environment that contributes to diversify the local economy in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Jahiz 1

Ready industrial facilities for the following industries:

Plastic material

Jahiz 2

Ready industrial facilities for the food and beverage sector.

An initiative by Qatar Development Bank that provides 16 complete and ready facilities (workshops) for Qatari entrepreneurs and businessmen wishing to have an industrial business in the food and beverage sector in Qatar.

At the small and medium size industries zone (New Industrial Area)
QR5 per month per square meter for the total area of the building
The area of industrial facilities is 3000 square meters with a built-up area is 1500 square meters
The maximum actual load ranges from 350 kw to 800 kw.
Yes, it is paid as per the pricing value of industrial projects in Qatar
Online via the QDB website
Only one request per Company CR or ID card is allowed.
 A. A valid Qatari ID card  

 B. A Valid industrial license 

 C. A Valid commercial registration including the industrial activity 

 D. Completion of the feasibility study in accordance with the requirements of Qatar Development Bank.
The business evaluation criteria will be as follows: 

 a. The expertise of the management team in the proposed field of industry. 
 b. The level of innovation in process and product, and its sustainability. 
 c. Availability of after sales services for products that replace imported goods 
 d. Use of locally available resources 
 e. Use of modern technology 

The selection process is divided into three phases as follows:
 Phase 1: Initial assessment to determine if the application meets the minimum requirements.
 Phase 2: A comprehensive assessment by the Nominating Committee to determine if the application meets the technical requirements. 
 Phase 3: Announcement of the shortlisted candidates to meet the final Selection Committee
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