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Founded in 2011 by QDB, Tasdeer provides service to all Qatari exporters regardless of the size of their export contracts, the sector they represent or their turnover. The agency provides exporters with a thorough knowledge of world markets and potential opportunities, as well as a practical support in promoting their services and products. Its goal is to develop non-hydrocarbon exports through capacity-building incentives to promote Qatari business.
Total Qatari exports supported by Qatar Development Bank (Billion QAR)
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Our impact on export in Qatar

Sharing our business expertise with local SMEs

Since 2011, Tasdeer agency has helped Qatari exporters in finding new trade possibilities around the world. With over 400 exporters already on board, we have built great professional expertise on export of products and services from different business domains. Our mission is to further contribute to Qatari’s economical growth by providing local SME’s the necessary strategic and economic support together with high quality education.
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Export Development Workshops have strong focus on the international trade. Topics covered in our workshops through our prestigious partnerships cover areas such as customs duties and procedures in destination markets, e-commerce, packaging, logistics, payment mechanisms.

Global Traceability Barcode

The State of Qatar announces the launch of the GS1 Qatar Office, which assists in obtaining the (630) code used by Qatari companies and organisations. The code allows for creating global traceability by unifying commercial standards among businesses at the local and international levels.
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How global traceability would
benefit your business

You will be allowed to create a digital copy of your product to enable its marketing and sale in digital markets

Obtaining a globally unique code will prevent product conflict in commercial markets.

The global barcode contributes to protecting your product from being counterfeited

You will be allowed to promote your products and/or services in local and international markets.

Your product will be included in the global database, which consists of more than 200 mln products

The barcode is internationally accredited, which facilitates export operations to foreign markets

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