Pre/post shipment insurance

To protect Qatari exporters from risks imposed by overseas buyers, Export Insurance provides two types of export credit insurance: pre-shipment risk cover and post-shipment risk cover, protecting exporters against commercial and political risks.
End user finance up to
Producer/manufacturer finance up to 


  • PRE-SHIPMENT RISK COVER: Coverage for exporter’s manufacturing costs against losses may occur due to order cancellation, before cargo is shipped

    This coverage is for Made in Qatar products, which protects you against loss of produce (direct or indirect) or when an order is cancelled before the goods are shipped. This is especially important for exporters producing custom-made products that may not be resalable or when you are obliged to discontinue production due to political or commercial risks in the importing country.

    Specifications and conditions:

    - Coverage begins from the date of contract signature or starting the manufacturing process and ends once goods are shipped
    - Coverage for political and commercial risks.
    - Coverage of up to 90% of the incurred manufacturing costs payable

  • POST-SHIPMENT RISK COVER: Coverage of export receivables from a Single Buyer / Country

    Post-shipment risk cover protects you against the risk of an overseas buyer failing to pay for goods received on credit.
    It is intended to protect multiple transactions with repayment terms not exceeding 12 months.

    Specifications and Conditions:

    - Coverage starts once goods are shipped till payment is collected on due date.
    - Coverage for political and commercial risks
    - Coverage of up to 90% of the value of the payable.

Frequently asked questions

Frequent asked questions

Delivery note

Certificate of Origin (clearly stating Made in Qatar)

Export contract

Purchase order


Transport documents (B/L, etc.)

Dunning correspondences

Documents issued by Customs

Any proof of payment/money received or any other gains

Email with notification by the exporter to the buyer that he will take legal actions against these receivables

QDB KYC form (duly signed by the authorized signatory and stamped with the company seal)

Copy of valid Commercial Registration

Copy of computer card

Completed Pre/Post-Shipment Risk Cover application (duly signed by the authorized signatory and stamped with the company seal)

Copy of the purchase order/export invoice, where applicable

Buyer Information

Official request letter

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