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message from ceo


Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al-Khalifa

Chief Executive Officer


Welcome to QDB’s official website.

Today, the country is in commercial over-drive, which is apparent in the continuous growth in all sectors of the economy. This comes as a result of the Government's prudence to improve the economy and its keenness to have the State of Qatar hold the top world rankings in various fields, in line with its long history and the achievements of its founders.

To that end, and in line with the National Development Strategy and the Qatar National Vision 2030, QDB has been very successful in recent years, driving growth in diverse sectors of the economy.

From providing finance for projects of national interest, to supporting the private sector with value-added services, our bank has become a powerful catalyst for socio-economic development. Positive by-products of this strategy include the empowerment of the Qatari workforce, an improvement in living standards and a raft of exciting investment opportunities for Qatari businesses.

We have also made great strides in identifying the challenges that face our young and growing private sector. We have studied the needs and listened to the wishes of the Qatari entrepreneur and business owner. We have reflected on our own realities at the bank and identified the gaps in our offering.

QDB has always been firmly committed to creating an economy that is sustainable, diversified and competitive, with dynamic, successful SMEs at the core. Today, we are better equipped than ever to play our central role in this task, setting an example for the region and for the world.​