Every person has the right to own a decent house of their choice, that's why QDB works tirelessly to offer you speedy financing facilities that make your next place a reality. When you submit your application to the Housing Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor & Social Affairs, and once you receive an SMS notifying that your application has been transferred to Qatar Development Bank, you will receive another confirmation SMS to visit us with the required documents. We promise that your procedures will be finalized as soon as possible in order to get your financing on the same day.
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Frequently Asked Questions


One million and two hundred thousand Qatari Riyals (QAR 1,200,000)

Not an interest, but rather a management fee of 1% distributed over the entire repayment period.
The monthly installment is QR 3364.
Two years subsequent to the loan contract signing or immediately upon receipt of the full amount of the loan (whichever is earlier).
35 years
Under the Housing Law, in case of death or total disability, the applicant will be exempted of 50% of the remaining amount, and the administrative fees shall be cancelled. These procedures are implemented after the approval of the Housing Department at the Ministry.
There is no article under the Housing Law to allow the postponement of monthly installments
Yes, citizens are given a grant of furniture worth QR 50,000, depending on the type of the loan (House Purchase or House Building only). The grant is free and does not entail any premiums or fees and shall be paid after the disbursement of the entire loan amount.
Yes, but you must obtain the approval and authorization of the Ministry of Municipality (Building Permit).
The financing can be repaid at any time after it is received in full, but the preventive clause of disposal (under the Housing Law #2 of 2007 / Ministry Of Administrative Development, Labor & Social Affairs) shall not be lifted before 15 years from the date of completion of the construction. 
Should the applicant wish to pay early before the conclusion of the contract term, they are able to do so by depositing the remaining amount in the account of Qatar Development Bank. A letter of the mortgage release is issued and delivered to the client.
For such matters, applicant must follow up with the ministry of urban planning, Housing Department, who will formally address the bank to initiate the necessary procedures.
Sale of the house or transfer of its ownership to another person is regulated under the Housing Law no. 2 of the year 2007, Article (10), which stipulates that the owner shall not do so before 15 years from the date of construction completion.
Currently, there is only one branch for housing financing customers (Grand Hamad Street / Ground Floor). 

The official working hours are:
Mornings: Sunday to Thursday, 7.30am to 1pm 

You can also download the housing financing application on your mobile phone, which offers you a wide range of services tailored for housing financing customers, or contact us via the call center, from Sunday to Thursday, 7.30am to 2.30pm
Delayed installments must be checked through the call center, or through the e-service on the Mobile Phone App. Payments can be made afterwards at any branch of Qatar National Bank (QNB), and payment receipts must be submitted to QDB.
All forms are available on the Bank's website and can be obtained by visiting the Housing Loan Department, and via the mobile application to apply for the required payment electronically.
Transactions for construction: The loan amount is disbursed in installments in accordance with the building and construction stages. 
Transactions for purchase: The amount is paid directly to the house owner's account (the seller) after registration of the property under the name of the new owner (the buyer or the beneficiary) is complete.
The Housing Law stipulates that all loans shall be granted to those who are capable of repayment.
i. The size of the land on which the house is built shall not be less than the area approved by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

ii. The construction area should not be less than 329 square meters

iii. The house should not be more than 10 years old, as of the date indications on the construction completion certificate.
The application provides all the services provided by the Housing financing Department, such as: 

  - Applying for the financing

  - Requesting and following up on payments 

  - Transferring the account from one bank to another 

  - Early settlement 

  - Settlement of delayed installments 

  - Following-up on all submitted applications 

  - Updating personal data 

  - Generating account statements 

  - Submission of suggestions and complaints 

 The App is available for Apple iOS and Android platforms.
To transfer the Housing loan to a different bank, the applicant must submit a new Commitment form under the name of the new bank. Once the form is received by QDB, a clearance letter is issued to the previous (old) bank. 
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