ERP Program

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process used by SMEs to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. An ERP software system (ERP Solution) can also integrate planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

What is the need for ERP software and why is QDB launching the initiative?

ERP solutions streamline and automate processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation. ERP solutions also provide complete visibility into core business processes.

The main ERP solution components

  • Financial & Accounting Management Package
  • Customer Relationship Management Package
  • Supply Chain Management Package
  • Human Resource Management Package

Benefits of an ERP Solution

  • Reporting and Visibility

    Enhanced business reporting and visibility with real-time information (Better decision making)

  • Customer service

    Enhanced customer service (Faster response time and improved customer satisfaction)

  • Cost-saving

    Cost-saving, increase in cash flows, and better inventory tracking

  • Business process improvements

    Improve quality and efficiency of the business

  • And more

    Automation, improving data security, simplifying risk management, and regulatory compliance

Available ERP Solutions

WallPost ERP Solution





ERP Solution Brief including:

Basic Information | Infographics | Videos

Introducing Ooredoo's key offering in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space, WallPost ERP can integrate your business operations behind the scenes.
Using one central dashboard tool, your executives can gain overall insight and 'one version of the truth' of your business. With real-time decision-making, you can 'work smart, and work fast', enhancing your productivity, efficiency, and costs.

With the latest information at your fingertips, you are never out of touch with your business and will benefit from intuitive apps available for both iOS and Android devices. WallPost ERP provides the flexibility of incorporating many business modules and services.

Attached Brochure for reference



Advisory and Consultancy | Construction | Manufacturing | Audit | General Trading | Real Estate | Catering Operations | Legal Services


What are the benefits to customers?

Affordable & cost-effective, Tailored solution, Real-time decision-making, Business continuity and future-proof technology, and Industry-leading expertise



  • - Core Business Modules:
  • - HR
  • - CRM
  • - Performance Analysis
  • - Finance
  • - Task


Discounted Fees table

# Core Business Modules Users included 12 Months (MRC ) 24 Months (MRC ) 36 Months (MRC )
1 HR 25 QAR 511 QAR 460 QAR 414
2 CRM 5 QAR 77 QAR 69 QAR 62
3 Performance Analysis 5 QAR 102 QAR 92 QAR 83
4 Finance 5 QAR 192 QAR 173 QAR 156
5 Task 25 QAR 511 QAR 460 QAR 414


  • Client allows Qatar Development Bank (QDB) to share Client information with the selected ERP solution provider (the service provider)
  • Client accepts that the financial data collected by the service provider may be shared with QDB for the purpose of conducting industry level analysis and benchmarking, in line with QDB’s development mission. QDB confirms that all such financial data will be anonymous and not referring to any individual Client data
  • Client understands that QDB is a facilitator between the Client and the service provider, and has no liability in the choice or the use of a specific service provider services, neither QDB nor any of its employees shall be held responsible for the selection of the service provider or use of its services
  • Client is aware that the relationship between the client and the service provider shall be materialized by a specific and independent agreement to be signed between them
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