SME Resources

SME resources include the HR policies and procedures manual and the Accounting Policies and Procedures Guidance manual developed to help SMEs standardize HR and accounting policies and procedures.

Accounting Policies and Procedures Guidance Manual

The Accounting Policies and Procedures Guidance Manual is a guide that helps SMEs in standardizing accounting policies and procedures. These have been developed by following best industry practices and adhering to Qatari Laws currently in place. The Manual is designed to be the primary reference document for communicating and interpreting accounting policies, programs, and procedures for SMEs The document helps SMEs
  • Ensure compliance through consistent accounting policies and procedures
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Satisfy regulatory and audit requirements
  • Enable staff to work efficiently by providing guidance on financial accounting
  • Become organized and transparent in their financial reporting

HR Policies and Procedures Manual

The HR policies and procedures manual is a guide for SMEs in Qatar to handle HR matters more consistently and equitably. These policies were developed in-line with the relevant Qatari laws concerning SMEs operating in Qatar. The HR manual is designed to be the primary reference document for communicating and interpreting the HR policies and procedures for SMEs in Qatar. It helps SMEs in Qatar standardize their HR operations. The aim is for SMEs to achieve greater employee satisfaction and work efficiency by becoming better organized and transparent. Before applying these standard HR policies and procedures, SMEs should make suitable changes based on applicability and requirements in areas such as delegation matrix, approval authority and others.

The GRC Guidance Manual deals with 3 components of a business – Governance, Risk and Compliance. This manual will help SMEs to develop their corporate governance, risk management and compliance protocols to run their business in one coordinated model through a GRC system. Such system helps companies effectively manage their business activities, manage risk, reduce costs, and time, and meet compliance requirements.

The GRC guidance manual intends to help the SMEs design a framework for creating accountability for all activities, manage employee conduct by encouraging a corporate citizenship approach and enforce ethical business practices. Good governance involves clearly defining jobs and responsibilities and evaluating employees according to their results.

The purpose of this manual is to improve operational efficiencies by creating smoother business processes, risk-mitigation leading to cost-savings and improve the compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements in all aspects of business.

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