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demolition and recontruction funding


A financing of up to 1,2 million QAR granted to a Qatari national as per the regulations of the Department of Housing in the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs. The purpose of the funding is to demolish and rebuild the current residence. The property does not necessarily have to be subject to Land Management.

Administrative fees
Monthly installment
2,857 QAR
Defrayment period
35 years
Furnishing grant
Not Eligible
Grace period
2 years
Exemption in case of death
*Collection of Installments begins two years after signing the financing agreement, or upon receipt of the full amount, whichever precedes.

Required documents

Copy of personal ID

Original deed of property and accompanying plans

Guarantee from the bank where the client’s salary is deposited

Certificate of Electrical Disconnection

An undated warranty check to the order of QDB in the amount of the down payment (warranty amount of 150,000 QR)

Certificate of the demolition of the old house

Required Documents in case of Death

Identification of Heirs

Authorization by the persons named in the applicant’s Identification of Heirs

Death Certificate

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