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QDB Direct Financing offers you a simple and competitive option to finance your business idea or existing company. Your project should be in any of the manufacturing, education, healthcare, services, agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors.
The total direct financing loans for manufacturing companies amounted to (QAR)
SMEs benefiting from direct and in-direct debt financing
Total credit facilities granted (QAR)


QDB provides financing solutions to startups and existing companies that offer intangible services to the market

Criteria Required for Funding

  • Entrepreneurial Score

    The project is assessed as a high degree of Entrepreneurial value and is highly expected to foster the entrepreneurship culture in Qatar
  • IP/ Technology Requirement

    higher Score for high end Technology requirement and creates new IP for Qatar
  • Demand - Supply Gap

    must have or expected to have a positive Demand- Supply gap in Qatar
  • Raw material

    sector extensively uses available raw material
  • Environment and Energy Resources

    highly environment friendly and uses only renewable energy sources
  • Scalability and Expanding

    high export oriented sector
  • Labor Intensity

    very minimum labor requirement or those with high local manpower
  • Import reduction

    project can reduce Qatar reliance on imports of the particular product.

Requirements for Funding

The company applying for bank funding must meet the following conditions
  • Submit the application under the ownership of a Qatari citizen (Qatari Identity Card).
  • The project to be funded shall be among the sectors supported and financed by the Bank.
  • The company should provide a feasibility study for the project to be financed.
  • The company should be headquartered in Qatar (for existing and emerging projects).
  • The Company shall comply with Qatari law governing commercial companies.
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 a) Industry, health care, education, agriculture, livestock and fisheries

 b) Financing programs for livestock, fisheries, and agriculture
  • Financing up to 60% of the total cost of the project

  • Financing up to 80% of equipment and machinery (not inclusive of construction) 

  • Financing up to 100% of raw material 

  • Financing up to 100% of salaries and rent for the first 6 months of operations 

  • The maximum finance term is 15 years, including a maximum grace period of 3 years 

  • A return rate of up to 5%
• Financing various types of female cattle subject to the approval of the livestock department under the Ministry of Environment and Municipality. 


     • Financing up to QAR750,000 for each farm

    • Maximum of 8 years period for settlement inclusive of 1 year grace period. 

    • Profit rate starting at 1% in addition to Insurance fees. 

  Homestead or Manors: 

    • Financing up to QAR 250,000 for each manor 

    • Profit rate starting from 1% in addition to insurance fees
   • Each client is eligible for financing once in a lifetime
 • Includes financing of agriculture (Green Houses, irrigation equipment, desalination stations) 

  • Financing of up to QAR1million for each farm

  • Financing up to 60% of the total cost of the project 

  • A settlement period of 10 years inclusive of a maximum 1-year grace period 

  • Profit rate starting at 1% in addition to insurance fees
 - QDB has an internal model to assess “value added sectors” which takes some several aspects into account such as potential for exporting, the use of new technologies, the use of raw materials, and environmental impact, etc. This model is documented for transparency and is consistently used for all direct financing applications.
- The risk rating is determined by a risk assessment model for the customer project, existing facilities, and the added economic value. Despite the role of risks and facilities in the assessment process, economic value standards have a greater impact on the pricing process.
 • Yes. Customers can reduce the business risk by increasing capital contribution, or by bringing in additional collateral (not mandatory in any other case), thus, the profit rate is reduced.
 • Yes, the Bank finances the salaries of the employees of the project up to 6 months since the commencement of operations, provided the client settles these amounts within two years, inclusive of a 6-month grace period.
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